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 Our rules and regulations is to ensure that all guests have an enjoyable, safe, clean and pleasant stay!  Other  rules  apply which is  not  listed on this  website.

    1.  All rules are strictly enforced; failure to comply with any rule 
        result in eviction from the property.

    2.  Quiet time begins at 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. weekdays                    
         and 11:00 p.mto 8:00 a.m. weekends.

    3.  No site changes permitted unless approved by the  office.

    4.  All camping units must be in good condition.   Management
         reserves the  right to determine condition and  may refuse 
         rental to units deemed too old or in poor condition.

    5.  Absolutely no water or sewer leakage.       
          Additional fees will  apply if repairs are not made in 
         satisfactory amount of  time.  Each site has a sewer connection.    
         Every site is required to have a  sewer collar for health and safety
         purposes.  Replacement hoses for Sewer and Water are sold in the
         park office as well as water regulators.
    6.  Absolutely no use of Firearms, Explosives, or Drugs, is  allowed
        in the park.  

   7.  Everyone is expected to keep their site clean and  orderly.    All trash           should  be  bagged and taken  to the Trash Bin.  There is no trash       
        pickup at your site.  

   8.  Pitbulls, Rottweilers, and other aggressive dogs are not allowed in               the park.   Everyone is expected to clean up after their pet                          and dispose of it properly (bagged and in the Trash Bin).  Pets are 
       not allowed  to be left   alone outside during the day or overnight.  All        pets must be kept inside your RV and when outside must be on a hand        leash.  If you  must leave your pet  inside your camper,  please                    leave a phone number where     you  can be contacted in case your              pet is being disruptively to other guests.   
   9. All visitors must notify the office upon their arrival either coming by          the office or by calling 601-278-4823.  Visitors are allowed as long as          they comply with park rules and regulations.  

 10. Speed limit is 10 mph in the park.  Strickly Enforced!  This is to                   protect all campers and their property.
 11.  No Smoking in Building.

 12.   No Pets  allowed in Building.

 13.  No lights are to be left on overnight or during the day.   This                       will help keep cost down.  
 14.  Satellite dishes must be on a tripod.  No holes are to be dug for                   anything.  Please check with the office should you have any                         questions.

  15.  Please  respect  fellow campers.  No loud music.  

  16. Please be in control  your children at all times.  We want                              children to enjoy themselves; however, they are not allowed to                   run through other campsites nor disturb other campers property.  

  17. We encourage everyone staying at the park to have insurance on your         RV in case of fire which not only can destroy your camper but if                   uninsured can leave you responsible for damages to another person's           camper.

  18. Our  rates  are  base  on (2) people  per  site.  There is an additional           $5.00 per person (per day) fee  for  more than  two people  staying             at your campsite (small children are not included).    

                         Other rules apply that is not listed





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